After 18th May 2016 Workcover declarations of remuneration can be lodged through online services and must include –
A. Salaries and wages

  • Salaries/Wages
  • Gross pay before tax
  • Allowances
  • Back pay
  • Bonuses
  • Directors’ fees and all remuneration to directors or members of a governing body of a company
  • Fees for work performed by a worker or deemed worker
  1. Contractors
  • Contract payments for labour only services
  • Payment to contractors who are, or who supply, workers
  • Note: Goods and Services Tax paid or payable in relation to payments to contractors is not considered rateable remuneration.
  1. Fringe benefits
  • Calculating fringe benefits as part of your remuneration
  1. Superannuation

Many employers pay a higher amount of superannuation than the law requires. It is therefore necessary to include superannuation in the calculation of your remuneration, as this differs between employers.

Superannuation contributions include any contributions made by an employer to:

  • A superannuation fund or scheme
  • A superannuation guarantee charge
  • Any other form of superannuation provident or retirement fund
  • Defined benefit funds as required by actuarial determinations
  1. Other
  • Commission to insurance or part-time canvasser or collector
  • Commission